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Hip Hop Music 

With Unique Lyrical Content

For the latest Keish Strong music, merchandise and special offers, please check the site frequently. 


If you want to listen to head-bobbing hip-hop music offline, purchase the singles of Keish Strong today! Also, the newest Keish Strong merchandise will be available this spring. Check back on this website regularly for more updates on the payment and shipping processes.

Coming Soon 

Special Delivery
CD Single

Item#0001 -Special Delivery – CD single - ISRC#usl4q2043710 – UPC#195448324914

Hands Up
CD Single

Item#0002 – Hands Up – CD single - ISRC#QMAAK1996820 – UPC#195079838101

Ice Cream Party

CD Single

Item#0003 - Ice Cream Party - CD single - ISRC#QMAAK2009424 - UPC#195079838279

Why You Mad

CD Single

Item#0004 - Why You Mad - CD single - ISRC#QMAAK1996819 - UPC#195079838460

A Side - EP
Click below to receive your physical copy featuring the songs:
 Fuck Dat - (ISRC#QMAAK2057566) & The Top - (ISRC#QMAAK2057567)

Item#0005 - A Side - EP - UPC#195079840302

T- Shirts

Size: Small, Medium, Large, 2x

Color: Green, Pink, Red, Blue, White

T- Shirts